Q: What is RNG?

A: RNG is an acronym for the Rate Nigerian Government organization. An online community that provides a platform for Nigerians all over the world to make their voice heard. The goal of RNG is to simply serve as a measurement tool that tells how a population thinks and feels about any given public official, government policies, projects, or topic. Click the about us page to learn more about RNG.


Q: Do I need to sign up in order to rate or vote?

A: Yes, you need to sign up or register an account before you can rate or vote in order to maintain the integrity of all feedback or response on RNG platform.


Q: What is the password requirement?

A: RNG requires you to enter alphanumeric (alphabet & numbers combination) characters for you password. When signing up on RNG your password must be atleast 8 characters. It must have letters and atleast one number between 0 - 9. Passwords are not case sensitive.

 Q: What happens if I forgot my username or password?

A: You can use the self service ‘Forgot password’ or ‘forgot username’ feature on the RNG platform to reset your password or retrieve your username information.

Q: Is RNG data or Information secure?

A: RNG use industry standard security mechanism - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol to secure and enforce the confidentiality and integrity of all communications, user data, and information both at rest and in transit.

Q: How do I Rate an Official?

A: Click on the map of a state to rate their officials. To rate the president or vice president click 'FCT' on the map. The name of the officials will be displayed. Click on a name to go to the official's rating page then click on 'Rate this Official' button. Note that you need to sign up  and be logged in before you can rate.

Q: Can I vote more than once on the same topic?

A: All registered users are only allowed to vote once on the same topic. The system only allows unique users to vote per topic.

 Q: What method of Polling does RNG use?

A: Two types of public polls are done by RNG: first is the nonscientific opinion poll and the second is a scientific, nonbiased public opinion poll designed to measure the public's views regarding a particular public official, topic or series of topics. Our Polls are designed with a 3-point error margin.

Q: Is there a difference between rate, and poll?

A: Yes: Rate allows you submit your opinion of a public leader or program performance while poll allow you vote to get the most popular side on a topic.


Q: Who can post debate/poll topics?

A: Any registered user can submit a topic for debate/poll. All submitted topics are vetted by the administrator before they are made public on the RNG platform.


Q: I submitted a topic for debate/poll, how do I know if/when my topic is approved?

A: Users who submit a topic for debate/poll will get an email notification when the topic is made public or otherwise. Email will be sent to the email address that was used to sign up on the RNG platform.


Q: Who determine the metrics used to rate on the RNG platform?

A: The management of the RNG organization uses best practices and benchmarked metrics in the industry to determine the metrics that is used on the platform.


Q: Can a RNG user request a metrics be used for rating?

A: Yes, registered RNG users can submit rating metrics he/she will like to see used on the platform via the contact us form. If the request is approved, the metrics will be made public.


Q: Is RNG politically inclined or have affiliation to any political party?

A: No, RNG is a politically neutral online community. RNG is not owned or sponsored by any political party, or its affiliates; or a publicly elected/appointed officer.

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