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RNG is an online platform that connects Nigerian citizens/residents to their elected/appointed officials. The goal of RNG is to simply serve as a measurement tool that tells how the Nigerian population thinks and feels about any given government administration in general, individual public officials, government policies, projects, or any topic. It offers four key services: Rating Service, News Service, Polling/Survey Service and Debate Service

Rating Service

This service enables users of this service to provide personal feedback to their elected/appointed public officials, programs, policies or initiatives of the Nigerian government across the federal, state, and local level of government. The rating feature works similar to a school grade where you provide your opinion of public officials’ performance on a predetermined scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being the lowest and 100 being the highest, across certain metrics.

News Service

This Service enables users to stay connected with happenings within their surroundings and world at large.

Debate Service

This service enables users opinions count within the political landscape of Nigeria. We believe in it and therefore encourage it. You can submit topics you would like to see the online community discuss intelligently regarding Nigeria political state and read the opinions of others on posted topic. Challenge people in the community to one-on-one debates on specific topics, with several rounds to make your case.

Poll/Survey Service

This service enables users cast their votes on their opinion polls and let their voices be heard in the Nigerian political space. Pose a question to the community and allow members to pick a side. You can also submit polls to see where the online community stands on a variety of issues. Pose questions and let the community decide which answer is the best or most popular.

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